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The following are some of the policies and practices we have in place that allow us to keep cost down and to ensure everyone is treated with respect and understanding.

  1. We automatically add 18% gratuity to parties of 8 or more
  2. No balloons are allowed inside the facility at any time
  3. Outside cakes are allowed however they must leave the restaurant in the same box they came in. We cannot provide, nor can you bring in any containers to distribute the outside cake to guests.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that is disrespectful or rude to either our other guests or to our staff.
  5. We do not make same day reservations on Sunday
  6. If you have a reservation we will release your tables if you are not here within 20 minutes of your reserved time.
  7. Keep in mind that if you call and we do not answer we are more than likely with guests in the restaurant. We do not have office staff so please leave a message and we will get back with you after the restaurant is closed.
  8. We do not allow open flame decorations other than temporary birthday candles
  9. No Confetti
  10. Not Glitter
  11. Nothing may be adhered to any wall surface
  12. Other than holidays, we do not accept reservations for parties less than 8 people and no same day reservations on Sunday
  13. Loyalty cards are available to our regular To-Go customers and are marked one time per visit